Denise Anctil Coaching is a life coaching business that helps guide people in taking steps toward what matters to them most every day. Her mantra – Inspiring Creativity & Enlightenment for Change, was the keystone for her brand tone. The company's business model is based on the Neuro-Linguistic Programming coaching style. NLP's unique originality is to be oriented on the "HOW" rather than on the "WHY". 
Denise wanted a logo that would reflect, her closely aligned inspiration with the throat or Vishuddha chakra while also still being professional, elegant and with some infusion of personality in the font choice. The throat chakra is closely associated with speaking your truth, finding your voice and overall communication. We distlled the throat chakra symbol down to the lotus ring often found encircling the chakra symbol and infused it as part of logo.This  implies an interconnectedness between the lotus element and the inspirational foundation of Denise's business. 
Because she would be serving her clients in both French and English we also took into consideration a design for her business card that would comfortably allow for both languages. Social assets for Facebook were also created to kickstart her launch for her business. 
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