Activia wanted a fresh summer vibe for their in-store product POS that showed healthy, diverse models with an active lifestyle. Working with our team on this project, I design this concept using customized stock imagery. This program first ran in 2021 and was renewed again in 2022. Considerations were taken to incorporate a strong reference to the brand colours and typography as well as a subtle nod to a graphic wave element that references the gut health aspect of the company's products. 
Various POS applications were needed including bunker headers, bunker towers, end cap aisle cooler displays, danglers, fridge wraps, door clings, as well as blades, and coupons. Specialty die cuts and pop-offs were applied to many of the pieces. 
All elements in the program were created in both French and English. 
Agency: LPi Group Creative Director: Tim Morrison | Additional Production & Design: Rhett Losey
In Market Years: 2021-2022
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